I feel totally supported by your guidance through the whole process.  You have inspired me to follow the practice not only in your classes but also at home.  The more I experience, the more I want.  I cannot thank you enough for sharing your beautiful gift and practice with me.  You truly have changed my life.  Namaste. - Alex Galanos

You have impressed me because you show a strong knowledge of the subject and you convey that knowledge in a manner that makes the task that you give us and the options available, easy to understand and carry out.  Your passion for yoga is obvious as easily transfers to the participants in your class.  You show an interest in your students as a group and also as individuals beyond yoga - a more holistic approach. - Geoff Potts

I am enjoying Francine’s classes immensely. The classes are varied and challenging, I love the meditation, and the Restorative yoga class is glorious. Cannot recommend highly enough - Sharon Edwards

Highest recommendation to have a massage with Francine to all those who wish to have high quality, personalised care in a wonderfully nurturing environment! Warmly, Marchie H Condon