At Your Breathing Space we provide sessions where things move slowly, where there is more time to completely immerse yourself in relaxation.  We run a regular half day Urban Escape, which is our most popular retreat, and a couple of times a year we offered a full day Restful experience where you can come along and enjoy an extended experience of restorative practice.  We can even provide private escapes for groups if you are looking for an experience with close friends.

If you like anything you see here and want to make a booking please go to our BOOKING page, any enquiries, call 0414 553364 or email us from the contact page.


Urban Rest

Offering a 3 hour session where you can completely immerse yourself in the pure practice of Restorative yoga. Supporting you to shake off the 'grit' of a fast paced lifestyle. And through the sequence, find yourself at the end feeling calm, relaxed and recharged.

Give it a try, your nervous system will thank you.


Half Day Urban Escape

Don't you wish sometimes you could just run away from the world, if only for a few hours. Well now you can. his is our most popular retreat and is often sold out. Enjoy an afternoon of restorative bliss, with nurturing poses, supported by essential oils, Reiki and hand/foot massage. Taste the delights of our herbal teas and yummy treats.


Full Day Escape

Give yourself the gift of time, time to relax, to unwind and surrender to the stillness. Imagine a day filled with calming restorative poses, Reiki and mini massages to support your relaxation, a delicious vegetarian lunch, morning tea, and the pleasure of knowing that you are feeding your soul and filling your cup.